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Bruce Blades 1937-2008, chair of the New Zealand committee

Bruce Blades achieved many things as the chair of the International Organising Committee - New Zealand - for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles. Sadly, he died on June 26th

Zisis Bruce Evangelos Blades
Tireless community worker
PETER KITCHIN - The Dominion Post | Thursday, 10 July 2008

Zisis Bruce Avengelos Blades, engineer: Born Wellington, September 8, 1937; married 1967 Kathy Papadimitriou 1 son 1 daughter; died Wellington, June 26, 2008, aged 70.
Bruce Blades, of Brooklyn, was a civil engineer whose multiplicity of skills extended to sports field strategies and diplomacy.

He was a cultured dynamo whose enthusiasms were tempered by a great deal of commonsense and a closely held understanding of team and family dynamics. His negotiation skills were first-rate, and he had a disarming capacity for leaping hurdles in order to reach solutions.

His orbit of interests were wider than many people would shoulder, though to his family and his professional colleagues they were par for the course.

For example, in May last year, Parliament decided that the Elgin Marbles, housed in the British Museum, belonged to Greece. The impetus for such recognition was the result of a petition from Mr Blades (wearing the hat of chairman of the New Zealand Parthenon Marbles Committee), and 1020 others.


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