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Marbles Reunited chair writes about reasons why the Parthenon Marbles should go back to Greece

Andrew George MP, Chair of Marbles Reunited, writes for about why now is the right time to return the sculptures.

Comment: No bailout, but will the Elgin marbles do?
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 10:35 AM
We might not want to be involved in the bail out, but returning the Elgin Marbles would show we are Greece’s friend.
By Andrew George MP

Whilst the current financial crisis dominates all current press coverage relating to Greece, there is no reason why we should use this as an excuse to ignore other key Anglo-Hellenic issues.

At present, news coming from Greece is predominantly negative – returning the Parthenon Sculptures (popularly known as the Elgin Marbles) would give people there something positive – a reason to celebrate and something that would increase the tourist draw to the country, helping to revive their economy.

Co-incidentally, June 20th 2011 marked the second anniversary of the opening of the new Acropolis Museum in Athens – an event that raised the issue of the return of the Parthenon Marbles to a level of global interest. Britain however continues to act as though nothing has changed.

Although the Parthenon Sculptures existed in Greece for over 2000 years, the British Museum has had them for less than 200 years, yet seems to feel that they are now as much a part of the museum as they are a part of Greece’s history.


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