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Dimitrios Pantermalis, the director of the New Acropolis Museum talks about the building

Dimitrios Pantermalis gave a talk at the National Gallery of Art in Washington on the New Acropolis Museum.

The New Acropolis Museum: A Conversation with Dimitrios Pandermalis


Award for best worldwide tourism project in 2010 goes to the New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum has been awarded Best Worldwide Tourism project for 2010 by the British Guild of Travel Writers.

New Acropolis Museum wins prestigious award

8 Nov 2010

The New Acropolis Museum in Athens has won the     ‘ (BGTW) prestigious global award for the Best Worldwide Tourism Project for 2010.


Callimachus victory Monument goes on display in New Acropolis Museum

After a lengthy reconstruction process, a newly restored monument to the victory of Callimachus has gone on display in the New Acropolis Museum.

Nike Monument unveiled at new Acropolis Museum



New Acropolis Museum restaurant will stay open during strikes

Despite some reports to the contrary, the New Acropolis Museum's restaurant is not expected to close during planned strike actions.

Restaurant at museum open

Friday October 1, 2010 – Archive

The restaurant and gift shops at the Acropolis Museum will continue to operate as usual, its director Dimitris Pandermalis insisted yesterday, as he rejected reports that shutting down the Organization for the Promotion of Greek Culture (OPEP) would lead to their closure.


UNESCO cultural property committee meets to discuss the Parthenon Sculptures

UNESCO's committee which deals with the restitution of cultural property is meeting in Paris and the Parthenon Sculptures are one of the items on the agenda for the meeting.

UN committee on return of cultural property meets in Paris

20 September 2010

The Parthenon Marbles will be among the cultural treasures under discussion this week as a United Nations committee promoting the return of cultural property to their countries of origin meets for three days in Paris.



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