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One of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in modern architecture

During earlier stages of its construction, many criticised the New Acropolis Museum for a variety of reasons. Now that the building is nearing completion however, almost every person who has visited it is awed by the space that has been created & its potential for unifying the Parthenon Sculptures within the context of the Parthenon.


The New Acropolis Museum needs the Parthenon Sculptures to be complete

As the New Acropolis Museum nears completion, pressure is growing on the British museum to return the Parthenon Sculptures so that they can be displayed within the purpose designed Parthenon Gallery on top of the building.


Bernard Tschumi on the New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum's architect Bernard Tschumi believes that the ParthenonSculptures will return once people see the suitability of the space that has been designed for them.


Athens’s new museum is spectacular, even without its star exhibits.

The opening of the Athens's New Acropolis Museum later this year represents a long anticipated major step forward for the reunification campaign.


Bruce Blades 1937-2008, chair of the New Zealand committee

Bruce Blades achieved many things as the chair of the International Organising Committee - New Zealand - for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles. Sadly, he died on June 26th



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